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Collaboration agreement between Calamari S.p.A. and Northcast

Italian Calamari S.p.A. and Northcast Ky have signed a cooperation agreement beginning from the 26th of February 2008. The agreement includes the sales of Calamari’s products and their spare parts in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.


Calamari specializes in the design, manufacturing and sales of melting furnaces, pouring furnaces, inductors and other founding devices and in the service of different furnaces. It is also a skilled manufacturer of continuous and semi-continuous casting plants.


Calamari S.p.A. was founded in 1944. Its head office is situated in Milan, Italy. It also has a subsidiary company in Brazil to assure a stronger presence in the South American market.


Calamari is considered Italy’s most experienced manufacturer in the field of induction coreless furnaces for both ferrous and non-ferrous metal alloys. The company is known as a supplier for continuous casting plants for manufacturers of copper, copper alloy and precious metal products. These plants enable the production of wires, strips, tubes, bars and billets in a very wide range of sizes. Different induction heaters for e.g. billets and different profiles are also included in Calamari's product range. Horizontal casting plants for copper alloys form a big part of Calamari’s know-how.


Picture: Calamari S.p.A


Agency agreement with Marconi Company

The Italian Marconi Company manufactures gas and electric furnaces
used for manufacturing aluminium products. It is Italy’s larges manufacturer and one of the biggest in Europe. It has agencies in Great Britain, Brazil, Italy, Thailand, Israel, Spain, Mexico, and France. The technology experts
at Marconi Company test, check, and maintain customers’ furnaces around the world.

Now cooperation has also started in Finland as Marconi Company and the Finnish Northcast Ky signed an agency agreement in the beginning of November 2007. Mika Isokytö of Northcast Ky states that the signed
contract is also unique for Marconi Company, because the company has
not been active in Finland before.


Picture: Marconi Company


Marconi Company was founded in Milan in the year 1946. It started out
as an aluminium foundry and specialized in designing and producing foundry moulds. In the 1950s Marconi began building aluminium melting furnaces,
at first only for its own use. Because the performance of the furnaces was excellent, Marconi started to sell them to other foundries as well. And because the demand for different furnaces grew constantly, Marconi decided to concentrate exclusively on designing, developing, and producing furnaces for melting aluminium.





Pictured from right to left are Daniel Picha and Corrado Scabini from Eredi Scabini Srl and Mika Isokytö from Northcast.


A co-operation agreement was signed between Northcast Ky and Italian Eredi Scabini in early August 2007. The agreement covers the marketing in Finland of products required in steel, iron and non-ferrous metal production, such as refractory materials for furnaces and inductors.  

Established in 1945, Eredi Scabini manufactures refractory materials and other products related to handling molten metal. The company’s customers include international steel mills and steel, aluminium and copper foundries. 

Northcast was established this year, focusing on foundry operations and helping customers to further develop equipment and methods for casting wires, slabs, billets and different profiles.